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Who’s Talking About Liberation?

June 23rd, 2013 · Comments Off on Who’s Talking About Liberation?

Question:  Who is most comfortable with talking about liberation… educators or social scientists? Academics or practitioners?  Believers or atheists?  People in the community or people outside of the community? Last week I had an opportunity to meet with a social black activist/educator who has about 1000 FB friends.  I wanted to know how her followers responded […]

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Report Says Charter Schools Fall Short on Students with Disabilities

June 20th, 2012 · Comments Off on Report Says Charter Schools Fall Short on Students with Disabilities

A valid response to this article (see link below) is to ask…how has the traditional school system done any better? The problem is that as a society, we have not chosen to promote the full development of children. Instead, we emphasize standardized testing which constitutes a limited construct (at best) of learning and development. Special […]

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Words of Wisdom: May 3, 2012

May 4th, 2012 · Comments Off on Words of Wisdom: May 3, 2012

Cannot share power with students if you do not have power to share.

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School Violence: Are Students Disrespectful?

March 5th, 2012 · Comments Off on School Violence: Are Students Disrespectful?

I read a sad commentary about the condition of students in my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( As I read these comments, I wondered about the level of training needed to charge students with a “lack of home training” and “lack of respect”. While there is no question that the behavior exhibited by many students is […]

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Upward Social Mobility and the Empowerment Model

January 18th, 2012 · Comments Off on Upward Social Mobility and the Empowerment Model

Angela Dye’s response to “Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs” By JASON DePARLE Published: January 4, 2012 @ The empowerment instructional framework is about equipping urban students with the thought process and mindset that promotes upward mobility.  With specific goals relating to production, prosperity, and promotional growth, the framework is grounded in […]

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Opportunity: Seeking Empowerment Contributors

January 9th, 2012 · Comments Off on Opportunity: Seeking Empowerment Contributors

An Empowerment Contributor (eContributor) is a writer (messenger) who intimately understands the field of education and is looking for opportunities to expand his/her reach. Ultimately, the eContributor seeks to educate others on opportunities, methodologies, and/or philosophies that promote student empowerment.   Requirements The commitment for an eContributor is three months in which he/she provides three, […]

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