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Why are we connected? Seeking your input.

May 1st, 2017 · No Comments

Photo Credit: Select Mgt Co

Photo Credit: Select Mgt Co

Fifteen years ago, I left the classroom because I had a different vision of schooling.  Since that time, I have developed a curricular program, implemented a school model via a chartered contract with the local school district, published a book about the school’s successes and challenges, conducted doctoral research on my philosophy of student power and empowerment, and designed The Empowerment Network ( a non-profit geared to provide educational services beyond the four-walls of the schoolhouse).

And, I did all of this under the business umbrella of PBS Development, LLC (PBS).
Unfortunately (or fortunately), I am not an academically trained business woman.  So while PBS served as the payment structure to finance those projects, it did not provide the best business model.
This year, I decided to finally give PBS the attention it needs so that it can properly fulfill its mission.
And, that is where you come in.
Part of the PBS makeover is to better understand the connections that I have built over the years.  During my time on social media, I have learned that several of you have been faithfully engaged with my work and have connected me to yours! While my total community consists of almost 5,000 followers, there are about 50 (1%) of you that I think best understand what I am about.  So you are the ones I want to learn from.
Are you willing to complete a 10-15 question survey so I can learn more about you, your philosophy, and your connection to my work?
If yes, please inbox me a “Yes” message on one of the sites below and I will send you the link.
You can find me at…
  • Website:
  • Twitter: ejuc8or
  • Facebook:
  • Linkedin:
If no, then please feel free to send me a “Not at this time” message and I will completely understand!!
Either way, I thank you for being a part of my network and helping me to grow.

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