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Opportunity: Seeking Empowerment Contributors

January 9th, 2012 · No Comments

An Empowerment Contributor (eContributor) is a writer (messenger) who intimately understands the field of education and is looking for opportunities to expand his/her reach. Ultimately, the eContributor seeks to educate others on opportunities, methodologies, and/or philosophies that promote student empowerment.



The commitment for an eContributor is three months in which he/she provides three, seven, or ten articles (at 400-700 words each).  While specific timelines for submission will be negotiated, the content of articles is at the discretion of the eContributor (providing that they incorporate a minimum of three principles from the empowerment framework:

Note:  All eContributors must meet and maintain minimum qualifications (see below).

Benefits:  eContributors are volunteers seeking to promote their message by tapping into PBS’s network and viewership.  By providing content to the site, eContributors are expanding their reach and strengthening their credibility all while contributing to the empowerment movement:   Because of his/her affiliation with PBS Development, he/she will receive marketing and promotional services.  In addition to increased exposure, eContributors will have access to educational and career resources/opportunities.  Finally, eContributors will receive editorial support for articles that can in return be posted on other sites (with proper citations).

Qualifications:  eContributors must be practitioners or researchers in the education/ human service fields.  It is preferred that eContributors are active writers with a current blog (as cross-posting empowerment articles is strongly encouraged).

Honorariums: While eContributors are volunteers, a small honorarium will be given to contributors who provide 7 or 10 approved articles.  Fifty dollars will be given for a total of seven approved articles and a hundred dollars will be given for a total of ten approved articles.

How to Apply: Please forward a resume along with a short cover letter explaining your interest in the empowerment framework to   For more information about empowerment and PBS Development, LLC., please visit:


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