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WUWM-Talk Radio: Charter Schools and Student Empowerment

February 14th, 2013 · No Comments

“It’s been about (three) years since the Preparatory School for Global Leadership closed its doors in Milwaukee. The school was started by teacher and school administrator Angela Dye with the goal of implementing a progressive vision and model for educating urban youth. But along the way, Dye found many challenges blocking her path. And while she felt that the school model had proven successful in the context of its students, she ultimately closed the school.  Since then, Dye has gone on (to) pursue a doctorate in education and has reflected on the experience with the PSGL in a new book called Empowerment Starts Here: 7 Principles to Empowering Urban Youth. She tells Lake Effect’s Stephanie Lecci that educating students is more than just teaching them to read and write – it’s about empowering them with information.  To do so, she says educators are obligated to find new ways to teach urban youth using progressive principles.”

The above excerpt was taken from WUWM, Milwaukee Public Talk Radio, 89.9 (January 20, 2013) For the full story and radio interview click here.

For more information on the progressive strategies that Angela Dye uses for student empowerment click here.   As always, if you want to share your views on this interview or any other article posted on our website, please go to our Facebook fan page: Empowerment Starts Here.



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