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Upward Social Mobility and the Empowerment Model

January 18th, 2012 · No Comments

Angela Dye’s response to “Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs”
Published: January 4, 2012

The empowerment instructional framework is about equipping urban students with the thought process and mindset that promotes upward mobility.  With specific goals relating to production, prosperity, and promotional growth, the framework is grounded in a practice that speaks to the spirit as reading, writing, and math speak to the mind.

Many of the students I have worked with suffer from learned helplessness where they have been conditioned by educators, families, and life to disengage from the one resource that could aid them in their advancement… their schooling.  Presenting an academically rigorous learning program is not enough to engage disenfranchised learners in learning.  Instituting more accountability structures for teachers is not enough to engage disenfranchised learners in learning.   And, providing more/new academic standards is not going to engage disenfranchised learners in learning.

Students need an instructional environment where they have the power to use their voice, choice, and dominion; where they can participate in shared accountability; and where they can learn to develop their global efficacy (three of the seven empowerment principles).  The empowerment model helps teachers and school leaders speak the language of achievement in a way where students want to achieve.  Learning should not be a passive endeavor.  The empowerment model shares power with students so they can become active drivers in learning and life long achievement.


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