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“Don’t Just Talk About It… Be About it!”

February 15th, 2012 · No Comments

Recently on Linkedin, we posted the following:

“Looking for Charter School Practitioners Who Have Opinions About the Politics of Urban Education and School Reform.”

Without disclosing names, we generated the interest of a small group of people who are passionate about and experienced with urban education!  And, this is what we said to them:

“Whether you write a short article, join an online discussion, or even allow us to interview you in one of our future podcasts, I hope you will consider sharing your experiences and expertise. We need to extend your message to others who do not fully understand (or respect) the sociopolitical challenges associated with schooling.”

We are now posting this message on our website in order to extend the invitation to YOU!  If you are of like-mind and want to give voice to your sociopolitical perspective on urban education and school reform,  please join us.  You do not have to be a Linkedin member to get involved!

I would often challenge my students:  “Don’t just talk about it… be about it!”  Lol, now I extend that challenge to you!  🙂  Send your email address to and let’s be about it!!

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